The Pharmacology Program holds a retreat each year in the Spring -- usually two days at a country inn.  Members of the Program gather for a series of informal scientific talks and poster presentations by students and postdocs, describing their research activities. The retreat also provides a relaxed setting for social and sporting activities that provide graduate students with an opportunity to get better acquainted with postdocs and faculty members in the Program.

All Pharmacology students attend and participate in the Scientific Program of the Retreat. Students in years 3 and 5 present research talks while all other students present posters describing their research.  Students from other programs who are doing thesis research in labs of Pharmacology Program Faculty are also invited to attend.

Dolce Hotels and Resorts, Norwalk, CT, May 21-22, 2010

Dolce, Norwalk, CT
Eric Salazar, 5th year, MD/PhD student
Jonathan Chen, 3rd year MD/PhD student
Christina Crump, 3rd year student
Drs. Jochen Buck and Lonny Levin
Drs. Lorraine Gudas and Hazel Szeto
1st row: Kasia Marcinkiewicz, Naira rezende, Iva Dincheva, and Jessica Falco
Dr. Arleen Rifkind
Drs. Hugh Hemmings and Lonny Levin
Carlos Villa and Rebecca Goldstein
1st row: Drs. David Gin, Hazel Szeto and Alex Birk
1st row: Drs. Charles Inturrisi, Derek Tan and Yueming Li, students Nick Veomett and Ken Hess
1st row: stuents: Tharu Fernando, Stephanie Cordato, Michael Boice and Rui Wang
1st row: studnets: Boyoung Wee, Jamie McBean, Jacob Bitterman, Christina Maksymiuk, and Courtney Alexander
1st row: students: Kerry Purtell, Eric Salazar, Dominic Johnson, Emily Mercer, and Pamela Wille
1st row: Drs. Roberto Levi, Geoff Abbott and Luca Cartegni
Dr. Karl Herold, Moderator for an oral presentation session
Vikram Kanda, 3rd year student
Mark Lundquist, 5th year student
Alex Hansler, 3rd year student
Lunch time
Drs. Anna Dilhas, Maciej Walczak, Luca Cartegni, students Naira Rezende, Kasia Marcinkiewicz and Dr.
Visiting students: Emily Mercer and Dominic Johnson
Drs. Lorraine Gudas and David Scheinberg
Dr. Minkui Luo and student Ronald Bultje
Dr. Charles Inturrisi and student Julie Pickett
Dr. Marcus Reidenberg and student Jamie McBean
Incoming student Elizabeth King and Dr. Zeinul-Gabiden Kazhkenov
Students Jennifer Chien and Rui Wang and Dr. Eric Wang
Students Stephanie Cordato and Naira Rezende
Students Ronald Bultje and Isa Watson
and Dr. Tony Taldon
Drs. David Gin and David Scheinberg
Drs. Ronald Perez and Steven Gross
Dr. Maciej Walczak and student Kasia Marcinkiewicz
student Matthew Sung, and Dr. Michiko Okamoto
Dr. Anna Rodina and student Tharu Fernando
Student Stephanie Cordato and Dr. Samie Jaffrey
Playing pool Drs. Lonny Levin
Eric Chea,Dr. Lonny Levin, Jacob Bitterman and Dr. Gustavo Moura-Letts
Drs. Charles Inturrisi and Yueming Li, and Student Joel Schrock
Dr. Lonny Levin, Eric Chea, Dr. Samie Jaffrey, Jacob Bitterman, Eric Salazar,Dr. Luca Cartegni, Dr. Gustavo Moura-Letts, and Joel Schrock
Vikram Kanda, Dr. Geoff Abbott, Elizabeth King and Kerry Purtell
Drs. Samie Jaffrey and Yueming Li, students Eric Salazar, Ken Hess and Nick Veomett
Dr. Luca Cartegni and Nick Veomett
Nick Veomett and Dr. Samie Jaffrey
Alex Hansler and Dan Rohle
Dr. Lorraine Gudas and student Jacob Bitterman
Kasia Marcinkiewicz, Freddy Escorcia and Dr. Ronald Perez
Kasia Marcinkiewicz and Dr. Ronald Perez
Brittany Carson, 3rd year student
Kurtis Haro, 5th year student
Drs. Hazel Szeto, Evi Giannakakou and Dunli Wu
Oral presentation session Moderator Dr. Eugene Lukyanov and Matthew Sung, 3rd year student
Prize winner Stephanie Cordato and Dr. Luca Cartegni
Prize winners Rui Wang and Noel Chan, and Dr. Luca Cartegni
Prize winner Vikram Kanda and Dr. Luca Cartegni
Dr. Roberto Levi
Drs. Gavril Pasternak, Anthony Sauve and Jochen Buck
Dr. Derek Tan
Tal Nuriel, 5th year student
Tony Davis, 3rd year student
Julie Pickett, 3rd year student
Marisa Carbonaro, 5th year student
Narae Bae, 3rd year student
Brittany Carson, 3rd year student
Kurtis Haro, 5th year student
Jennifer Chien, 5th year student
Dan Rohle, 5th year student
Sara Kubek, 5th year student
Dominic Johnson and Dr. Silvia Moore
Dominic Johnson, Emily Mercer and Brittany Carson
Dominic Johnson, Emily Mercer
Drs. Dunli Wu, Eric Wang and Yuliang Ma
Kerry Purtell and Elizabeth King
Stephanie Cordato and Dr. Lorraine Gudas
Mark Lundquist, Carlos Villa and Jennifer Chien
Dr. Steven Gross
Dr. Hazel Szeto
Dr. Yuliang Ma
Dr. Eugene Lukyanov and Tal Nuriel



The annual Faculty-Student Basketball game, a time honored tradition held each year at the Pharmacology Retreat, was won, once again, by the faculty. In this year's contest, the Faculty recognized they were outmanned as they assembled in advance of the tip off. Shown here in before and after photos, the Faculty seemed flummoxed as they were trying to decide who could guard the talented and superiorly conditioned students. But the disarray soon faded, as the faculty hit upon the idea that would prove the difference maker. Realizing that their superior intellect and experience could be used to their advantage, the faculty decided to adopt a zone defense, which they executed with precision and guile. The zone proved so effective that the faculty were able to hold the student team to two baskets. On offense, Yueming "Magic" Li (shown here = see below) directed the offense and Tony "Bird" Sauve led all scorers.



AFTER THE WIN (Drs. Levin, Gudas, Scheinberg, Tony "Bird" Sauve, Yueming "Magic" Li, and Geoff Abbott show their faculty power.)