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Training Grant in Cancer Pharmacology

Dr. Lorraine Gudas, Director
Dr. David Scheinberg, Co-Director

The faculty of Weill Cornell Medical College and the Sloan-Kettering Institute are collaborating on a training grant in cancer pharmacology. The collaboration consists of an integrated set of training activities for PhD students and postdoctoral fellows. The strength and diversity of the 21 faculty member participants in the training grant provide opportunities for research in a variety of different areas, such as:

  • the development of new therapeutic agents (through organic synthesis, monoclonal antibody technology, differentiation therapy) and screening of new compounds
  • analysis of molecular mechanisms by which some drugs cause apoptosis
  • Research on the control of side effects generated from the current treatment modalities, such as the use of growth factors like G-CSF to reduce complications associated with bone marrow toxicity
  • strategies for overcoming drug resistance
  • mechanisms by which dioxin and environmental pollutants cause cancer

About the Program

This program provides students and fellows with a broader understanding of the interrelationships between research on the basic mechanisms of drug action and drug development and clinical issues. In this way, both clinicians and basic scientists will be better prepared to carry out research to prevent or treat cancer.

Features of our Program

The PhD program consists of:

  • course work, including a graduate course in cancer pharmacology
  • three lab rotations
  • an admission to candidacy exam
  • thesis research

The training grant sponsors a separate seminar series devoted to the area of cancer pharmacology and therapeutics. Students and fellows present their research in an annual 2-day pharmacology program retreat. Fellows attend a weekly journal club, take courses in cancer pharmacology, and present a formal seminar in the Cancer Pharmacology Seminar Series.

Information from the External Advisory Meeting (3-25-16):


Information from the External Advisory Meeting (3-7-17):


Information from the External Advisory Meeting (3-29-18):


Cancer Pharmacology Training Grant Trainees: 2017-2018
Front: Cynthia Quintero (Gudas lab), Dr. Marta Melis (Gudas lab), Claire Oh, (Scheinberg Lab), Dr. Giuseppe Galletti (Giannakakou lab), Dr. Prakrit Jena (Heller lab), Dr. Nawreen Rahman (Buck and Levin lab), Dr. Rubi Singh (Rifkind lab) NOT SHOWN: Christopher P. Horoszko (Heller lab) and Dr. Kona Senevirathne (Luo lab). MARCH 29, 2018


Cancer Pharmacology Training Grant Trainees: 2016-2017
Front: Cynthia Quintero (Gudas lab), Dr. Corinne Foley (Tan lab), Dr. Christina Rotside (Tan lab), Claire Oh, (Scheinberg Lab), Dr. Bethany Schaffer (Blenis lab), Christopher Horoszko (Heller lab), Dr. Brian Pickering, (Jaffrey Lab), Dr. Marta Melis (Gudas lab) NOT SHOWN: Dr. Prakrit Jena (Heller lab). MARCH 7, 2017


Prior Years-Postdoctoral Trainees - Cancer Pharmacology Training Grant Front: Dr. Anthony Saviola (Buck/Levin lab), Dr. Leonid Dubrovsky (Scheinberg lab), Dr. Corinne Foley (Tan lab), Dr. Leiping Fu (Nanus lab), Dr. Brian Pickering, (Jaffrey Lab), Dr. Katsuhiro Kita, (Giannakakou lab) Dr. Anthony Olarerin-George (Jaffrey lab) NOT SHOWN: Dr. John Knapp (Danishefsky lab). July 29, 2015





Dr. Lorraine Gudas, Director
Department of Pharmacology
Weill Cornell Medical College
1300 York Avenue
New York, NY 10065
Fax: (212) 746-6250
E-mail: lic2008@med.cornell.edu

How to Apply

Predoctoral Students, who are in the laboratory of one of the training grant faculty, can be sponsored for admission to the training grant. If accepted they receive a stipend, travel funds and research support in addition to full tuition support.

Click here for information on admission to the Pharmacology, Neuroscience or Physiology, Biophysics and Systems Biology graduate programs.

Postdoctoral Trainees apply directly to the mentor who is a member of the training grant faculty. The mentor will sponsor the trainee, who if accepted, receives a stipend, travel funds and research support. Read more about the research interests training grant faculty.

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