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Graduation Day

Commencement Exercises on May 31, 2018, Carnegie Hall

Commencement Ceremony at Carnegie Hall, May 31, 2018


Cynthia and Dr. Gudas


Wan-Ying Hsieh, Sara Dinapoli,
Cynthia Quintero and
Suranjit Mukherjee


Sara, Cynthia, Jeet & Wan-Ying


Commencement Exercises on June 1, 2017, Carnegie Hall

Abby Horstmann, Christina Bonvicino, Paul Jeng & Alyssa Verano

Commencement Exercises on May 25, 2016, Carnegie Hall

Denise, Danica, and Alissa
Dr. Levin and Nawreen Rahman
Danica, Dr. Li, Katja, and Alissa

Commencement Exercises on May 28, 2015, Carnegie Hall

Dr. Michael Boice
Dr. Rebecca Goldstein and Tharu Fernando
Dr. William Mills
Dr. Joel Schrock

Commencement Exercises on May 29, 2014, Carnegie Hall

Dr. Kasia Marcinkiewicz marches at her graduation at Carnegie Hall, May 2014. She did her PhD research with Dr. Lorraine Gudas and is now a postdoctoral fellow at NYU.
Dr. Jamie McBean at his graduation with his mentor, Dr. Minkui Luo.

Commencement Exercises on May 30, 2013, Carnegie Hall

Drs. Anthony Sauve, Diane Felsen and Yueming Li
Drs. Anthony Sauve and Dou Youn

Commencement Exercises on May 31, 2012, Carnegie Hall

Drs. Diane Felsen, Roberto Levi, Anthony Sauve and Yueming Li
Drs. Anthony Sauve and Eleanor Allen
Dr. Eleanor Allen, Dr. Anthony Sauve, Dr. Jessica Falco, and Dou Youn
Drs. Freddy Escorcia and Mark Lundquist

Commencement Exercises, June 3, 2010, Carnegie Hall

Dr. Branka Stancevic
Dr. Clare LeFave and Dr. Luca Cartegni
Drs. Branka Stancevic and Clare LeFave
Drs. Clare LeFave, Judith Mesicek, and Branka Stancevic


Pictured is Pharmacology graduate Dr. Cristina Fernandez, May 28, 2010.



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