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   Post-Doctoral Position


Research in the laboratory of Dr. Giannakakou focuses on the role of tubulin/microtubules in intracellular trafficking and signal transduction pathways. Our goal is to translate the basic biology underlying microtubule (MT) function into the development of better targeted anticancer therapies. For a more detailed description of our work see: Cancer Research (2005) 65(9):3883-93; Cancer Cell (2003) 3:363-375; PNAS (2002) 99:10855-10860; Nature Cell Biology (2000) 2 (10): 709-717. The applicant should have a strong background in Molecular Biology. Experience in confocal microscopy, and xenograft/transgenic mice is desirable. Personal interview is required. Salary will be determined based on experience. Applicants should send a cover letter, CV, a brief description of past research and future career goals and contact information for three references to:

Paraskevi Giannakakou,


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